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What Happens if Mesothelioma Is Left Untreated?

When people are first diagnosed with mesothelioma, they have to make the decision whether or not to have treatment, given that the treatment can rarely totally destroy the cancer.

For those who decide to let nature takes it course, most mesothelioma develops rapidly although a few due have a slower growing form of the disease. However, even a slow growing type can suddenly speed up and spread rapidly.

If diagnosed with mesothelioma, those who live longer tend to be female, younger and in good health but in almost all cases those who turn down treatment will not live as long as those who have treatment.

Those diagnosed at the very early stage, stage 1a live on average two years without treatment and those who have aggressive surgery usually live over three years.

There are few studies as to how long those without treatment do survive as most people opt for some form of intervention although one study looked at survival rates of 238 cases which were diagnosed between 1977 and 2009 when the average survival rate for untreated patients was 6.4 months and those who had been treated was 11.3 months.

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