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Veterans are at Risk of Mesothelioma

The U.S Armed Forces had many installations that used asbestos right up to the end of the 1970s when regulations changed. Examples of where it was used are in roofing and wallboards and as a concrete additive and joint compound. In addition asbestos was widely used in aircraft braking systems and as an insulator for airplane engines. Veteran Airmen who serviced the planes have been noted as a particularly high-risk category of serviceman, as the asbestos parts become potentially dangerous after they suffer wear and tear, resulting in sometime lethal asbestos particles being released into the air and then being inhaled.

Asbestos is the primary cause of mesothelioma, and the problem is that symptoms of this asbestos-related disease are not apparent until 15 to 60 years after exposure to the fibers.

In addition, the early stages of mesothelioma are often barely noticeable and can often be mistaken for general aches and pains.

Some U.S Air Force bases have been identified as representing a high risk of asbestos exposure for the men and women who served at these facilities and in addition those who carry out tours of duty in Iraq where asbestos is still used in construction are also at risk.

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