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New Research into Who is Likely to Contract Mesothelioma

Amble, Pa. is one of the places in the United States which contains asbestos. There are piles of asbestos waste in what are now Superfund sites but many in the community are concerned as mesothelioma has on average a 40 year period between exposure and sickness.

However the University of Pennsylvania’s Center of Excellence in Environmental Toxicology has received a $10 million federal grant. Over the next four years, researchers will study how people have been exposed to asbestos and investigate why some people get mesothelioma and others don’t. They will be delving into whether there is a genetic reason for what for now, seems to be a lottery.

When the first of Ambler’s factories began making asbestos insulation in 1897, little was known about the harm the tiny fibers could do to the human lungs. Over time the waste piles, containing asbestos were so tall they were called the white mountains of Ambler, and children sledded down the hills on flattened cardboard boxes.

Even today, playgrounds, backyards, and businesses are less than a block away from the dirt covered piles with asbestos underneath.

In a recent analysis covering 1992 to 2008, health officials found that the Ambler zip code had 28 cases of mesothelioma rather than the expected nine for a population of its size. Hence people are anxiously awaiting the research results.

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