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Architect Receives Mesothelioma Compensation

An 81 year old Los Angeles man and his wife have been awarded over one and a half million dollars in his asbestos cancer lawsuit.

Marty Marteney’s father was a Mexican immigrant and his father took him out of school and made him work in his auto shop, where he handled materials containing asbestos.

Then, with no education, Marteney enlisted in the armed forces, started a family, and later became an apprentice architect. He returned to school and built a career as a well respected architect, designing homes for the rich and famous in Beverly Hills. He now lives in San Marino, California, with his wife.

Little did he know that his work as a child would later cause the cancer that would ruin his well-deserved retirement.  He was diagnosed with asbestos mesothelioma in May 2012 and was undergoing treatment when he brought a case against the supplier of the automotive parts, Union Carbide, and the distributor, Elementis for his mesothelioma.

After a three week trial, a Los Angeles Jury returned a verdict in favor of Marteney, awarding him $1.525 million.

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